Nobel’s guide to Paris 遊走巴黎 – 10個你未必到過的好地方 ( Part II)




4) Treasure hunting in Europe’s largest flea market// 逛全歐洲最大的跳蝨市場

Opening from Saturday to Monday, Marché aux puces de Saint-Ouen is said to be the largest flea markets in Europe with more than 2500 stalls. I love furnitures and antiques, so I was really excited to visit this market featured in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris! Since the flea market hosts 15 different markets, we focused our time at Marché Malassis (toys, vintage cameras and furniture), Marché Dauphine (furniture, ceramics), Marché Biron (expensive lighting &furniture) and Marché Vernaison ( various fashion, prints and kitchenware).

我超級喜歡跳蝨市場! 自從去過倫敦著名的 Portobello market 便愛上了行市集 。被譽為全歐洲最大跳蝨市場的 Marché aux puces de Saint-Ouen 由15個不同主題的小市場組成,每逢星期六日一開放。因為我鍾情家居擺設,所以挑選了幾個專門賣古董和傢俬的市場逛逛。我們行了一個下午 (包括午饍 )也只是走馬看花的逛了四個主題市場。如果真的要仔細尋找心頭好,我想至少要一個週末的時間!

5) Visit a jazz café //感受咖啡館和爵士樂文化

Near the flea market, we stopped by  la chope des puces and enjoyed live Jazz Mamouche performance. The music and ambiance was so quintessential Parisian style, it was one of the best moments of the trip!

在巴黎每一個角落都可以感受到這裏濃厚的咖啡館文化。我們離開跳蝨市場之際, 聽到對面街上傳出音樂聲,忍不住去看看。原來是咖啡館  la chope des puces 內樂隊表演爵士樂,我們隨心坐下來叫了一杯咖啡來欣賞表演 。這種名叫 Jazz Mamouche 的爵士樂在法國廣泛流行,是經典的巴黎音樂。這裏很多人特意過來 ,坐上一個半個小時 ,邊聽音樂邊嘆一杯 expresso,過一個輕鬆的週末。

6) Spend an afternoon in Le Marais //在瑪黑區溜達一個下午

To feel like a real Parisian, my absolute favorite place is definitely Le Marais which is the hippest part of the city (popular for gay crowd & art lover). My new found this trip is the Nixon store which just opened last October where I shopped this watch. Another new love is Bonton Coiffure , a 3-storey chic kids department store which include a kids’ hair salon and photo booth!

瑪黑區是全巴黎我最愛的一個地方,比起城中的擠滿遊客的景點,這裡的小街小巷,讓你完全感覺到地道巴黎人的氣息。這裏有不同特色小店,咖啡館和餐廳,值得在這裏花上一個下午。順帶一提,香港潮媽一定會愛上3層樓高的童裝店Bonton Coiffure !

7) Shopping at Colette// 到Colette概念店朝聖 

For fashion lovers, we have Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, 10 Corso Como in Milan, Barneys in New York, as for Paris? Colette is your mecca for everything fashion and lifestyle related! The three floor concept store contains a gallery, a bookshop and a cafe. By the way I almost lost my breath when I ran into my fashion idol Daphne Guinness outside the shop omg she is so fabulous!!!
熱愛時裝的朋友不得不來Colette朝聖, 這是巴黎的連卡佛,這三層樓高的概念店內還包括了書店,咖啡館和畫廊。

8) Strolling in Rue de Sevrès //到巴黎左岸逛高級時裝店

At the other side of La Seine, Rue de Sevrès in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area is home to numerous fancy French fashion stores like the Hermès store housed in a former swimming pool (can you believe it?!) and Le Bon Marché, the 1st department store in Paris, and my favorite.

遠離巴黎春天百貨 ,老佛爺這些遊客必到的購物點! 來位於巴黎左岸的Rue de Sevres ,感受一下真正逛高級時裝店的體驗。就算不買也要來參觀一下由古蹟泳池改建而成的 Hermès 專門店!另外別忘了要到巴黎第一間的百貨公司 Le Bon Marché 和其附屬的食品店 La Grande Epicerie 買手信。

9) Visit an exhibition// 參觀一個時裝/藝術裝展

There are always cool exhibitions going on inside Grand Palaise, the place where Chanel hosts many of its fashion shows every year. This trip I went to see Jean Paul Gaultier’s exhibition which was so eye opening!

來到時裝之都 ,參觀時裝展是常識吧! Chanel 每年都會在巴黎大皇宮美術館舉行時裝秀 ,而平時這場地會定期有不同展覽。今次適逄時裝界壞孩子 Jean Paul Gaultier‘s 的回顧展,當然不可錯過!

10) Picnic in a Park // 在公園草地野餐

One of the most typical Parisian things to do in summer is picnic in a park. My no. 1 recommendation for picnic spot in Place de Vosges which is very popular among Parisian.
我已想不對上一次在草地野餐是幾時! 在夏日與一班朋友在陽光下野餐是巴黎熱門的消閑活動,我推荐很受巴黎人歡迎的孚日廣場,脫下雙鞋大字型睡在草地上, 感受青草的香味!

A little extra: Visit Paris Saint-Germain F.C., Arena// 同場加映: 巴黎聖日耳門足球場

To be honest this is not the most exciting place on my list (well at least for me), but it was my boyfriend’s only request this trip since he is a big football fans so we spent a morning visiting Parc des Princes, stadium of PSG football team. For an alternative, check out their official gift shop at Paris Saint-Germain Champs-Elysées store.