Nobel’s guide to Beijing 潮玩北京-10 個懂享受的你會愛上的地方



I love Beijing, I’ve been to this city for 5 times now and I still get excited every time I visit. Last October, I was invited to my girlfriend’s wedding in Beijing. Born in Beijing and raised in Germany, Hao and I met in Paris a decade ago and became great friends. She met her British husband in London and they decided to have a Chinese wedding in Beijing, so of course I didn’t hesitate for a second to take up her wedding invitation! Here’s my insider guide to the city, hope you like it!

去年這個時候, 我被邀請到北京參加好友的婚禮。 去過北京很多次, 名勝古蹟早已不在我的行程內, 每次來都想發掘新的地方,這次就跟大家分享一下10個特別的好去處!

 Where to eat

Weekend brunch at Capital M

Located in Qianmen Pedestrian Street, Beijing’s most popular shopping street, Capital M offers modern European dishes with an iconic view of Beijing. Its chic decor and modern dishes reminds me of Sevva in Hong Kong, which also has impeccable interior design as well as a terrace over looking the city. Hao and I met up for weekend brunch here, I loved its relaxing ambiance as well as comprehensive menu. Great place to chill and enjoy a glass of champagne!

位於北京前門的M餐廳, 如果你喜歡香港的Sevva 你一定會愛上這個地方! 擁有很精緻的室內設計和可以一覽北京前門街景的大陽臺,M餐廳食物選擇很多而且很有水準。

Address: 3/F, No.2 Qianmen Pedestrian Street (just south of Tian’anmen Square)/ 北京市前門步行街2号3層

Lunch at King’s Joy

I enjoyed a lunch by myself during my 5-day stay in Beijing one afternoon. Winner of food award 2013 & 2014 by Time Out Beijing, King’s Joy is more than I could ever expect. Traditional architecture in a modern setting, with mist coming out in the courtyard, and musician playing harp in the middle of the restaurant, King’s Joy definitely gives you a magical feeling and unique experience. I didn’t know it was a vegetarian restaurant but I wouldn’t have noticed from the dishes because they were all so delicious! Do book in advance and dress up for this upscale restaurant!

選擇京兆尹,是因為我在網上看到這餐廳騰雲吐霧的相片覺得很神奇,但親身體驗更勝我想像 ! 很優雅的室內設計,餐廳中央有豎琴演奏,戶外亭園有薄霧噴出,營造一種仙境的感覺。 事前並不知道這是吃素的地方, 但餐牌選擇很多而且菜色很精緻。 很特別的一點是用餐之後,服務員會給你一張白紙和一支毛筆,讓你寫下感想。 絕對是一個很特別的用餐經驗!


 Address: 2 Wudaoying Hutong, Yonghegong, Dongcheng district/ 東城區雍和宫五道營胡同2号

Afternoon tea at Green T. House

Green T. House is more than just a restaurant or a tea room, it is a concept of lifestyle. First time I went to Green tea house was 8 years ago when it was still in downtown Beijing. Now it has moved to the suburb for a much bigger space. Check out their facebook page for updates of their afternoon tea and event promotions.

今次回到北京沒有機會探訪新的紫雲軒。 8年前第一次來,紫雲軒絕對是我去過最特別的地方!新的紫雲軒遷到北京市郊,集藝術館與餐廳於一身,賣的是一種生活態度,有機會一定要再去!

Address: 318 Shunbai Lu, Hegezhuang, Chaoyang /北京市朝陽區崔各庄乡何各庄村318号

Dinner at Noble Club 

The wedding took place in Noble Club (ranked #3 at Top 10 most luxurious clubs in Beijing ). I felt like a VIP from the moment my taxi entered its exclusive entrance in the north of the Temple of Earth. Noble Club serves up an extensive range of delicacies, including Chinese royal dishes, Cantonese food, Sichuan food and Japanese cuisine.


Address: B16 Hepinglizhong Road, Dongcheng District/ 東城區和平里中街乙十六号(地壇公園北門)

Where to Stay


As I was staying by myself, I wanted to meet people so I chose to stay at the Happy Dragon Courtyard Hostel . The hostel is a typical siheyuan, a historical type of residence famous in Beijing. I promise, the moment you check in the siheyuan you instantly feel like a local!
北京的四合院很有名, 一直很想有機會試試。因為四合院一般都是位於住宅區 ,所以比較寧靜和少遊客。想感受真正北京人家的風味 ,應該試試四合院!
Address: No. 51, Dongsi Jiutiao, Dongcheng District/北京天海缘青年酒店,北京市東城區東四九條51

Where to chill

A day at 798 Art Zone

798 is a thriving artistic community built around the decommissioned military factory buildings in suburb Beijing. The 798 art zone is dotted with lovely cafes and art galleries. I highly recommend to spend a day in the area and immerse yourself in the modern Chinese art world.

很多人都知道北京的798藝術區,但這個地方或者未必是大家的旅遊首選,但我覺得除了名勝古蹟之外,騰出一天過來這地方逛逛,感受一下當代中國藝術是很值得的。即使你對藝術沒有興趣, 因為798的範圍很大,身處在充滿歷史痕蹟的地方,找家咖啡店坐下來輕鬆一下,可以讓整個人在繁忙的生活靜下來。

Adderss: No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District/ 朝陽區酒仙橋路4号

Visit Beijing Farmer’s market


I ran into the Beijing Farmer’s market in Sanlitun Taikoo Li feeling so surprised! I didn’t expect to see a farmer’s market in such westernized setting in down town Beijing and it was so popular with the local Beijing people! Check out their facebook page for weekly location updates.

很驚喜的發現北京也有有機農夫市集! 一般對北京的感覺都是很傳統的, 即時在香港Farmer’s Market也是比較新鮮的,除了個別新界農場,一般都是中環碼頭、西貢、愉景灣,這些外國人比較多的地方才有 。想不到在北京這樣西化的 Farmer’s Market 也很受歡迎!

Address: Various locations/每週不同地點。詳情看它們的Facebook 專頁。

 What to do

Shopping at Taikoo Li Sanlitun

Well, what more to say about shopping? I really loved this area as it felt like Soho area with cool boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

北京的太古里三里屯感覺像Soho 區,很多餐廳選擇,可以逛上一個下午!

Address: No. 11 and No. 19 Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District/  北京朝陽區三里屯路11號及19號

Hang out at Bookworm

Named The world’s greatest bookshops by Lonely Planet , Bookworm is a book shop/ restaurant and a place that held a lot of special memories for me. The Bookworm is a go-to hangout place for expats in Beijing as they do a lot of meet up events like whisky Wednesday, film screening night and comedy night etc.

以前的男朋友曾在北京留學,北京老書蟲是我們的老地方。又是書店,又是餐廳,又是一個常搞聚會的地方, 這兒很受在北京工作的外國人歡迎。

Address: Building 4, Nan Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District/北京朝陽區南三里屯路4號

Clubbing at Mix Club

MIX is one of the most popular clubs in Beijing with a mixed crowd of local and international party goers. It is our go to party place every time we’re in the city!


Address: Inside the north gate of the Workers’ Stadium Chaoyang district / 朝陽區工體北北門西側

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