Pause rewind & fast forward 尋找鬧市中的綠洲-小房子

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Take a break from the ever-busy city life of Hong Kong and escape to a secret sanctuary tucked away in the middle of the concrete jungle.

The hut by Pause Rewind n Fastforward is a piece of paradise hidden inside the top floor of an old Tong Lau in Mong Kok. Opened just several months ago, the place is popular with young hipsters and college students. The cool thing about this place, besides the beautiful floral settings and soothing ambiance, is that no consumption is required, as the owner has designed this place for people to just take a seat and relax. I mean, how can you not fall for this place?

With that being said, that do have a small menu of food and drinks if you’re hungry. When my girlfriend Tobi and I visited the hut earlier last month, we tried their salmon rice ball and tofu cheese cake with iced rose tea which were all so yummy! Most of the upper-floor cafes in Hong Kong charge premium for the food and drinks (due to the expensive rent) while in no way does the price reflect the quality, the hut is definitely a rare exception!


小房子是由 Pause Rewind n FastForward 主理,在鬧市中的一個溫室小花園,旨在為都市人提供一個暫時休息之所。 在這裡你可以隨便坐下來打發時間,不用消費。居住在香港這個商業化和擠迫的城市,每天的生活都充斥著各種各樣的壓力,很感動有這樣一班有心人,無條件提供一個地方給大家停下來充電。


當然,如果想點杯茶或吃點東西的話,他們也有少量主食和茶點提供。 我和朋友就點了三文魚飯糰配紫薯和蟹子沙律,和豆腐芝士蛋糕跟玫瑰茶。有別於一般樓上Cafe,小房子的食物一點也不令人失望!由誠意經營的東西果然是與別不同的💕

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The Hut 小房子 

Address:2/F, 67 Soy Street, Mong Kok /旺角豉油街67號2樓
Tel: 6773 6915
Opening hour: 12:00-23:00(Closed on Monday/ 星期一休息)

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Holland Photo Diary 荷蘭手記


Paris 2015 1109 Netherlands hold so much memories for me as I had lived here for several months after my exchange study in Paris. Memories of freedom, friendships and romance… it was once the best time of my life. I traveled to Amsterdam this trip to visit my besties Fiona and Marta whom we studied together in Paris and also to stay at Fiona’s place for a few days.

九年前在巴黎讀書的時候,我認識了一班對我影響至深的閨蜜。Hao, Marta同 Fiona, 一個來自德國,一個來自波蘭,一個來自愛爾蘭。她們都是因為追隨自己的男朋友而到去荷蘭讀大學,並於其中一年約定去巴黎留學,我們就是當年讀書認識的。他們是學校的風頭躉,我們像聯合國的組合,每次去夜店總會很受法國男生歡迎。二十出頭,那時我們的課外活動是去拍過 Sex and the City 的 Kong 去happy hour,去當時巴黎最當紅的 gay club Queen 去clubbing。由於巴黎一點過後沒有公共交通工具  ,所以每次浦到通宵達旦,我都會去她們家借宿一宵 。大學畢業我為當時的男朋友搬到荷蘭,分手後我一個人流落異鄉,是她們照顧我讓我在她們家。 其實這故事都幾搞笑,我們四個來自不同國家的女生,為了各自的男朋友搬去荷蘭,而大家到最後分手收場而住在一起。

多年來我們友誼沒變, 數年前 Marta 飛來香港探望我 ,去年我也飛到北京去參加Hao舉辦的中國式婚禮。 所以今次假期我一定要去荷蘭探望她們!

My surprise b-day party! 

I was totally overwhelmed when I arrived at Fiona’s place and found out a surprise birthday party was waiting for me, I couldn’t help bursting into tears! I used to stay with the girls all the time, from the time I got kicked out of my own apartment in Paris due to a big fight with my roommate, to moving out of my ex’s apartment in Utrecht. They were always there for me and took care of me like sisters I never had, it was so emotional for me having their warm welcome after so many years apart! (Thanks chef Sherif for your delicious food!!)

今次Fiona 邀請我住在她位於市中心的 apartment,原來Marta一早來火車站接我是要給Fi 和他男友更多時間準備給我的驚喜生日派對!我是真的超感動忍不住哭了~

Paris 2015 965

A day in Utrecht 

The second day, I spent an afternoon by myself wandering Utrecht, the city where I used to live, along with over 60.000 students who make the city of Utrecht their home. 45 mins away by train from Amsterdam, Utrecht is a lively student city in the heart of the Netherlands. Ranked in Lonely Planet‘s top-10 of the world’s unsung places, you can easily fall in love with the canals, docks, and little bars and restaurants in this city and it is still my favorite place in Holland.

第二天我自己一個回到烏德勒支這個對我有很多回憶的地方。大部分人認識荷蘭就是阿姆斯特丹 ,但其實這個遠離遊客區的小鎮更有意思! 這個有"學生之鎮"之稱的地方,我曾在這兒生活過,所以這裏的一樓一房,我記憶猶新。距離阿姆斯特丹少於一小時火車程,有機會絕對值得來這小鎮感受一下地到荷蘭風情。Paris 2015 1001

Paris 2015 998

Rolling Kitchens 2015

A highlight of our trip is Rollende Keukens (Rolling Kitchens) in Amsterdam. Food truck is such a big global trend right now, and this 5-day event is basically a food truck festival where mobile food stands and indie bands from all over the country come together to serve all the music loving and food craving people in Amsterdam. We practically just spent the entire evening eating none stop!

回到阿姆斯特丹我們參加了一年一度,為期五日的美食音樂節 。有來自荷蘭不同地區超過十架food truck和不同小型獨立樂隊現場表演,氣氛超正,有機會來荷蘭一定不要錯過!

Paris 2015 1059

Paris 2015 1044z

Paris 2015 1076

Lunch at Ton & Marta’s 

Saturday, Marta invited us over for lunch at her place after our big night out the night before. Beside her successful career as a communication director at a PR company, she’s also a great home chef! We enjoyed a yummy meal at her beautifully decorated apartment in downtown Amsterdam before we head out for the day.

第三天,Marta邀請我們到她家午餐,我從來沒想過家中也能安排如此精緻的table setting! 作為公關公司的傳訊總監和一位跟得女朋友,這就是入得廚房出得廳堂的典範! Paris 2015 1119

Paris 2015 1120

Paris 2015 1114

I Amsterdam 

Before we left Amsterdam we spent our Saturday afternoon strolling around the city. Most people go for the iconic I amsterdam letters in the back of the Rijksmuseum on Museumplein for photo op, but to avoid the crowd, we went to the less busy Vondelpark, the largest city park in Amsterdam, which also host this same signature letters for a perfect photo to end our trip.


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Paris 2015 1178

Paris 2015 1173

Paris 2015 1197