Pause rewind & fast forward 尋找鬧市中的綠洲-小房子

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Take a break from the ever-busy city life of Hong Kong and escape to a secret sanctuary tucked away in the middle of the concrete jungle.

The hut by Pause Rewind n Fastforward is a piece of paradise hidden inside the top floor of an old Tong Lau in Mong Kok. Opened just several months ago, the place is popular with young hipsters and college students. The cool thing about this place, besides the beautiful floral settings and soothing ambiance, is that no consumption is required, as the owner has designed this place for people to just take a seat and relax. I mean, how can you not fall for this place?

With that being said, that do have a small menu of food and drinks if you’re hungry. When my girlfriend Tobi and I visited the hut earlier last month, we tried their salmon rice ball and tofu cheese cake with iced rose tea which were all so yummy! Most of the upper-floor cafes in Hong Kong charge premium for the food and drinks (due to the expensive rent) while in no way does the price reflect the quality, the hut is definitely a rare exception!


小房子是由 Pause Rewind n FastForward 主理,在鬧市中的一個溫室小花園,旨在為都市人提供一個暫時休息之所。 在這裡你可以隨便坐下來打發時間,不用消費。居住在香港這個商業化和擠迫的城市,每天的生活都充斥著各種各樣的壓力,很感動有這樣一班有心人,無條件提供一個地方給大家停下來充電。


當然,如果想點杯茶或吃點東西的話,他們也有少量主食和茶點提供。 我和朋友就點了三文魚飯糰配紫薯和蟹子沙律,和豆腐芝士蛋糕跟玫瑰茶。有別於一般樓上Cafe,小房子的食物一點也不令人失望!由誠意經營的東西果然是與別不同的💕

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The Hut 小房子 

Address:2/F, 67 Soy Street, Mong Kok /旺角豉油街67號2樓
Tel: 6773 6915
Opening hour: 12:00-23:00(Closed on Monday/ 星期一休息)

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