8 easy ways to makeover a room // 窩居小變動・大變身


With a passion for interior design and home decorations, I love window shopping at furniture shops, reading Elle decorations, and watching home makeover TV shows.  My home is the place I spent the most time at, keeping it warm and clean is so important especially with my two cats. I have been living here for almost 8 years now and every now and then I like to move things around to keep it fresh. Without the budget for renovation nor new furnitures, I try to redecorate my place with the smallest spending.
Sometimes, with just a change of fabrics and a dash of colors, it is so create a totally different tone and ambiance for your home. I believe flowers are essential to a living room, as well as warm lighting, to get a feeling of warmth , paintings and photo can also add a special touch.

近幾年身邊很多朋友都開始搬出來住或者置業 。 無論是租還是買, 對於自己的小小安樂窩都會很花心思去設計和希望可以盡用空間。 不知不覺在這裏已住了近8年, 對於時常都需要新鮮感的我來說 ,我喜歡隔一段時間就改變一下家居的擺設來提高新鮮感, 其實要這樣做很簡單不需要花費很多, 從布料和小設著手, 其實花少少金錢和心思就可以為家居大變身。 不同季節可以有不同的特色 ,隨著心情和感覺去改變一下家居。

  • 燈罩 / 咕臣套/ 地氈/ 窗簾
  • 盆栽
  • 相片/ 掛畫
  • 蠟燭
  • 毛氈

春天都是百花齊開的感覺, 換上色彩繽紛的花花地氈 我粉紅色的蘭花 為家居帶來開心的感覺, 很有者日的氣氛!

夏天因為天氣太熱,木地板感覺比較清爽和容易打理 , 沙發換上黑白間條麻布, 把窗簾拿走幾陽光引入室內,放上一系裂綠色的盆栽, 空間感頓然提升!

冬天感覺較冰冷,換上暖色系的家品, 點上幾支蠟燭 ,可以提高家居的溫暖度。

走廊的白色牆身是上手業主留下的 。日子有功 ,牆身都被刮花。 我們便為走廊換上 奶茶色。 到深水埗有很多的舖頭專賣油漆 ,他們可以為你即時調你想要的顏色 。 由上有道油漆乾表諮詢一天的時間。 自行上油省錢,而且我覺得是很好玩 ,好有Art Jamming feel。只需幾百元就可以為安樂窩換上新的感覺!

8 easy ways to an instant room makeover

Use a different fabric, like carpet or cushions

Declutter your space

Re-organise your stuff

Update wallpaper (magazine spreads makes a great FREE wallpaper!)


Get new paintings for your wall

update mood board -My mood board, overcrowded by postcards that’s filled with love from all around the world, and photos of my fashion muse



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