My bedroom makeover – before & after // 怦然心動的睡房整理魔法


Every now and then I like to do room makeover for fun and keep a feeling of newness. Small changes like repositioning furnitures, putting on new bed sheets or lamp shade can have major impact on a room. I’ve wanted to have a small office area inside my bedroom for the longest time, so this Chinese New Year, I decided to re-organise my bedroom and create a small working space for myself. I have transformed the space next to bed into a study area. I’m so happy with the changes and I am excited to share with you some of my room makeover tips!

早前看了日本作家近藤麻理惠的「怦然心動的人生整理魔法」一書後,終於提起勁把房間整理一番,在睡房打造一直想要的工作空間。香港居住環境空間小,很多人也為收納物件而煩惱,其實退一步,與其增加儲物空間,不如減少雜物!故此,在重新為我的房間規劃空間之前,我狠狠的把很多不需要的東西丟掉或送走,同時在 Pinterest 為房間設計找靈感,因為我想能夠用最少的金錢去番新房間。現在就和大家分享一下我的空間改造小心得~











My principle of this makeover is to keep a minimum spending as I had a limited budget, I therefore  spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking for ideas and inspirations. I like keeping a small budget for home makeover, this way I can afford to redecorate my room from time to time. My biggest spending this time, unavoidable, is getting new furnitures for my office area. In my next blog post, I will be sharing more ideas on how to have a home makeover with just a small cost!

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