How to decorate with preserved flowers// Ms Bridals 保鮮花制作班推介!


Last month, I was invited to the opening party of Ms Bridals, a new floral studio that offers floral arrangement workshops for preserved flowers, wedding floral design service and events floral decorations. It was a such fabulous party and I was really excited to be asked to join one of their floral workshops.

上月很開心被邀到好友的新店開幕派對和她們的保鮮花製作班。 開設於觀塘工廈的 Ms 除了開辦保鮮花課程外,另外還提供婚禮花球設計和花藝佈置等服務。單看她們這天開幕派對的場地佈置, 就已令人非常心動!

Now let’s get started!


Wait, first of all, what is preserved flower?

Preserved flower is the answer to keeping real flowers alive for a long period of time. Each flower undergoes a special process to preserve the integrity of the petals, it is then dyed to different colours to be used. It maintains the original shape, brightness and suppleness of the flower and can last for up to 3 years if its being taken care of appropriately, by keeping it away from direct sunlight, intense heat and water. There are so many ways to decorate with preserved flowers, now check out our work!


雖然保鮮花近兩年才在香港流行,但短短日子已發展成每年過千萬營業額意的行業。究竟保鮮花有什麼特別之處?其實保鮮花是經過脫色再上色風乾的鮮花。與乾花不同,它保留了鮮花原本的外觀和質感,還可染上不同顏色或加上水晶裝飾。原理是利用一些獨特的保鮮液來取代鮮花中的水分以及養分,使它的組織在不需要澆水下,能長期保存下去。如果保養得宜, 遠離高溫潮濕和受陽光直射的地方,最多可保存2-3年,這樣比起送鮮花更具紀念性。

And there’s more fun workshops for preserved flowers arrangements this December at Ms! From Xmas wreath to flower box workshops, check out their Facebook page for all updated news!
隨了每月定期的保鮮花workshop,12月她們還推出聖誕保鮮花花環製作班和 MsRosebox 花盒班,這個聖誕就來製作一份別具心思的禮物吧❤️


Ms Studio

Address:Rm1201, 12/F, International Industrial Building, 175 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong (By appointment only) / 觀塘海濱道175號國際工業大廈12/F Rm1210(請先查詢預約)
Tel: 852- 9813 9141

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