5 ways to maintain lifelong friendship// 我們的少女時代


No! This is not what you think, it’s not another bridesmaid dress fitting nor bridal shower we are having. Thank God I’m taking a break from being a bridesmaid or wedding emcee after performing the duty for more than 8 times in my life now! (well at least until next March, when our beautiful bride-to-be Tiffany on the left is tying the knot with her amazing fiancée). This is a special celebration of our 11 years of friendship as well as the birthday of one of our girls, Miu Miu.

From young college students to successful business women and working mothers, our friendship has only got stronger as we grew together. Here’s my tips on maintaining a long lasting friendship:

5 ways to keeping good friends

  1. Make time for each other. Despite our busy schedule, we always make time for our gatherings. We see each other almost once every two months for the past decade, that’s a real effort!
  2. Show support. No matter it’s a wedding, a business venture, a baby birth, we are always there to provide our support and show our love to each other.
  3. Spread the love. We always invite our partners to our gatherings, especially since we started to have our own places to live, I think this is a great way to strengthen both our relationships and friendships as we grew to become like families.
  4. Accept each other’s flaws. We all have different personalities, some bigger than the others. We have learnt to listen and not judge throughout the years.
  5. Celebrate any and every occasion! Girls like drama, and we certainly do like to make a big deal out of everything, in the most fabulous way that is. From our male-stripper-performing bachelorette party to lingerie-only birthday bash (not to mention THIS photoshoot!),  we have so many special memories to hold on to.

「男女大不同」(Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus)講到,女人和男人一個很不同之處是,女人的自我價值是很受人際關係主導,由家人、朋友、男朋友到同事的關係,都會對我們有很大影響。或許就是有這班好朋友多年一直的肯定和愛護,令我可以在成長中面對不同的跌碰時不會迷失,一直向前走。很幸福這輩子能和這班好姊妹一起共渡生活中的各個高低起落,一起成長。















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