48 months at 48 hours //48小時雜誌生涯


It was exactly two years ago when I joined the family of SCMP 48 hours magazine.  The magazine that brings weekly hottest update on culture, entertainment, lifestyle, food& drink and travel in Hong Kong and Macau.

I still can’t believe time passed so fast! I remember when I first join in September 2013 our magazine was still 4 months old and new to the market. Not long after I joint our team did a focus group survey to get feedback from readers. It was a cool experience to sit behind glass to witness our readers commenting on our magazine! It eventually led to a revamp last April and became a free publication. After the revamp, we had our first readers event with Hong Kong Land for the Landmark Men whisky night, and our first official event for readers. A great night where we get to try out different whisky specially prepared by whisky library pairing with each luxury brand in Landmark Men’s floor.

The highlight of 2014 was definitely 48 hours x Belvedere party in Magnum to make contribution to fight against aids in Africa. Imagine it’s part of your job to network in one of Hong Kong’s hottest night clubs and party on a Friday night ?





We also had lots of good memories in Macau where we had to do regular visit, from our lunch meeting at Tasting room City of dreams to our invitation to China Rogue, Macau was always treat us so well and it was always fun to go!


Our team was like a small family, and we went through professional growth as well as personal growth together. Being a guest at my teammate’s wedding in Peninsula earlier with our whole team was really special and memorable.


This April, we celebrated our 2nd year anniversary in Ritz Carlton Ozone, and thanks for the sweet gesture of Ozone team for preparing a sweet happy birthday note for us!


Looking back the last two years, from launching the magazine to revamp to having our own events, we have come so far I feel so proud to be part of the 48 family and lucky to work with this great team of people !

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