10 tricks to make your high heels last longer 10個保養高跟鞋的小方法


According to Mirror , women in UK own 21 pairs of shoes on average, including four pairs that have never been worn and five that have only been worn once!  Well I’m definitely one of them, except that I own more than 30 pairs, and I’m just talking about high heels! Truth is as I switched from working in fashion to lifestyle magazines, I don’t wear high heels as much as I used to, but I still keep them especially the designer shoes. You simply need to give them a little love and they can last for a long time. Here are 10 easy ways to take care of your high heels :

自從做了時尚雜誌,常常要到處跑,平底鞋已成了我的最好朋友! 但其實多年來買下的高跟鞋不少,尤其是設計師品牌的高跟鞋特別嬌貴,該如何保養去讓高跟鞋歷久常新?

1. 去修鞋店請師傅在鞋底加防滑墊: 通常我買了新鞋就去修鞋店請師傅在鞋底加防滑墊。特別是真皮造的鞋底耗損較快,加墊能增加鞋子防滑度和可令鞋子穿得更久,而且走路起來會較舒適。如果鞋底有品牌的Logo不想破壞它的話,也可在鞋跟部加上鞋跟底 // Get better soles: I always go to my local shoe repairer to add plastic soles to my high heels. Add a thin metal toe plate placed on the tips of your shoes can also protect the toes of your shoes. I also replace new heel pins regularly to prevent damaging of heels.


2. 保持清潔 : 最簡單的方法是用乾紙巾或一塊乾淨專門擦鞋的抹布把鞋的灰塵拭掉,如果有髒漬我會用紙巾濕少少水擦掉 // Keep them clean:  Wipe your shoes down with a towel or brush will help keep them free of dust and dirt and take out minor stains and scuffs. A soft cloth that has been dipped in water is also useful in cleaning high heels.

3. 回家後不要馬上把鞋收進鞋櫃: 窩居地方有限,我們通常一脫鞋便馬上將其收進鞋櫃,但穿了一整天的鞋子積累了不少腳汗和髒污,不要馬上收進鞋櫃和保持通風,這樣鞋櫃便不會累積濕悶的氣味//Let them breathe: Never neglect a pair of soaked shoes! A wet pair can encourage a fungal foot infection. Always leave them out in a cool, dry place with sufficient air circulation before storing them into the shoe cabinet.


4.為鞋子防水防污: 為鞋子用上防水噴霧 ,若是碰上雨天把鞋弄髒,立即用乾毛巾或衛生紙將水分吸乾,放置陰涼處陰讓它自然乾 // Make Your High Heels Waterproof: Always spray a waterproof protector on shoes with delicate materials. Polishing your high heels with some quality water repellents will help protect your favorite shoes from water, dirt and household spills as well. 

5. 定期打理皮具皮具需要給予滋潤以保持柔軟和光凙,預備抹皮布,用少許皮革保護液輕揉在皮革上,讓它自然風乾約15-30分鐘,之後再以乾身布輕擦一下,污穢的東西便會被抹去。至於麖皮,用專用的擦皮用具反方向輕擦,麖皮的表面便會自然地回復原本面貌。切忌將不同的漆皮鞋履放在一起以免出現脫色的情況 // Polish regularly: Leather needs to be conditioned, moisturized and polished to prolong its life. Suede also cannot be polished or wiped down so use a suede eraser to rub away any dried dirt or stains, it can also be protected and cleaned more thoroughly using certain solutions when needed.

6. 不要天天穿它: 皮革都是有彈性的,高温和汗水都會讓它變得鬆弛,所以一定休息的時間讓它好好透氣。為了延長每雙鞋的壽命,最好至少有兩雙鞋子替換。而且這樣鞋子也不會因為我們走路的習慣,造成某一個部位耗損嚴重,加速其老化 // Don’t wear them every day: Give them a rest day and opt for a different footwear so that they can rest and breathe. Give your shoes a day to air out and time to dry, they’ll stay alive that much longer. Otherwise they wont maintain their shape and also start to stint!

7. 去除異味:  如果鞋子積累濕悶的氣味,可灑點蘇打粉讓它過一晚, 第二天用布把粉末掃走便可 //Eliminate Odor: Sprinkle baking soda inside the shoes and let them sit overnight will help absorb any odors. Remove the baking soda the following morning with a soft cloth. Try a shoe odor spray If you need a quicker fix.

8. 固定鞋子不變形: 買鞋後鞋盒不要丟掉,裡面的不織布袋、鞋撐、紙團都要留著。 鞋撐可以固定鞋子不變形,另外紙團一般都是比較會吸濕的。在收納高跟鞋的時間, 用支撑棍頂住鞋頭和鞋跟,有助皮鞋回復原来的楦型,令下次穿着更舒適//Maintain their shape: Stuffing pumps with white tissue paper or shoe forms like shoe trees can retain shoe’s shape and fend off creasing so the shoes can last longer.  Wooden shoe trees also help draw moisture and heat from your shoes ensuring that the natural oils within the leather are retained.

9. 保持環境乾爽香港天氣潮濕,加上下雨天悶熱容易產生腳汗,讓鞋子產生霉斑,要預防可以將小包裝的除濕包或竹炭除濕包放在鞋盒內。如已生了霉斑,可用一條擰乾的濕毛巾,輕拭有霉斑的部位然後放置半天,等鞋面較乾後再上一層鞋油 // Remove mold from shoes: Shoes sometimes get moldy when stored in a damp closet or put away wet, put moisture absorbing buckets or bamboo charcoal bags in your shoe cabinet to dehumidify.

10.換季前先清潔鞋子再收進鞋盒 : 收納前可為鞋子拍照然後將相貼在鞋盒上。這樣再要找出來就沒難度啦!另外鞋子先清潔鞋子和放置通風陰涼處透一透氣,別將髒污或是潮濕悶在鞋盒裡兩三個月! // Storing your shoes for next season: If you’re storing shoes that you don’t plan on wearing for a month or more, it’s best to store them in a box. You can store shoes in their original shoe boxes or use clear plastic containers so you’ll be able to see what shoes you’ve stored. Otherwise, taking a polaroid photo of the shoes and attach it to the shoe box is a good option too! 

Hope you find these tips useful for you! How many pairs of shoes do you have? 希望大家覺得這些小貼事有用! 你家中又有幾多對鞋?

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