Saturday Night Fever at BEATSHIP // 週末狂熱 – Beatship 電子音樂派對


The Saturday before last, I got invited to BEATSHIP EDM party on Star Cruise’s Superstar Virgo for a weekend. Of all the poolside parties I’ve been to, this was surely the coolest yet!

I brought my BFF Jane on board and the cruise set sail on Saturday evening from Ocean Terminal. The all-inclusive night include a room on the cruise, buffet dinner, breakfast and tickets to the poolside party, we were so happy to be treated a nice balcony room:)

The party started at midnight so we had some time to tour around the cruise and relax in our room, just being out on the sea made me felt like having a vacation ! When we got to the party at midnight the pool was already packed with people. Seriously, it was too much to handle with a full room of pretty models, hot bikini girls and muscular 6 packs guys surrounding us! After a bit too many tequila shots we jumped into the pool for a dip before we passed out in our room eventually. It was definitely my best party of the year!

上個週末,我被邀請去在麗星郵輪處女星號的 Beatship 電子音樂派對。我同Jane 傍晚在海運中心上船,很開心我們有自己的海景露臺客房! 安頓過後我們到船頭的露天泳池享用自助晚餐。 因為派對在凌晨舉行所以我們有時間參觀一下郵輪, 原來派對是在船尾的泳池旁舉行! 時間尚早我們先回房休息, 回到泳池時已經擠滿了人! 與一眾穿比基尼的美眉和6嚿腹肌的壯男跳舞的的時間過得超快, 作為一個已退役的Party girl 我本想2:00 返房訓, 不過和我戰友Jane一齊這是不可能的任務~ 經過了可能是第6或第7杯Tequlia 的時候已是早上5:00, 這時超感動的發現船上提供宵夜自助餐! 死都要做隻飽鬼, 所以吃過肚滿腸肥之後變回房頂頭大睡。不同過往我去過的 Poolside party,今次是電子音樂主題, 全晚live DJ 表演 ,氣氛真的超好,唯一美中不足是第二天9點就要落船!





 The next Beatship will be held on 8th August, if you are planning to go, here are my tips on how to stay up all night and looking your best.

What to wear to a beach party:

  • Wear a comfortable outfit that is easy to remove if you want to take a dip in the water
  • Accessorize with temporary tattoos which is the hottest trend this summer (Check out my friend’s popuptats)
  • Go for accessories you can keep on like acc made from shells
  • Keep your hair simple and natural, use waterproof makeup to give yourself a natural look
  • Take an extra scarf in case it gets colder in the evening

How to keep your party make up all night: Check out this article by Elle magazine

How to party all night:

  • Before you start drinking, eat something fatty, that will protect your stomach and also slow down the alcohol hurrying into your system
  • Stick to your favorite drink, mixing drinks is a no-no since different alcohols react differently in your body
  • Stay away from dark alcohol like rum, bourbon, red wine, as they tend to cause terrible hangovers and dehydrate your body quicker
  • Hydrate yourself well, for every glass of alcohol, compensate it with a glass of water to help flush out any excess alcohol out of your system
  • Once you finish your drink, always wait for five minutes before the next one. If you’re feeling dizzy, stick to water until you start feeling better again

如果你今個夏天也會參加 Poolside party  ,以下是我的一點小心得:

  • 今年夏天很流行紋身貼紙作為裝飾 (可參考我好友Lily 和幾個朋友創立的的 popuptats)
  • 隨身攜帶碎粉和面油紙, 讓面上的油脂一掃而空
  • 吃飽才開始飲酒,因為食物可減緩身體吸收酒精
  • 不要溝酒,而且避免黑色的酒精如Rum酒和紅酒,因為它們比較容易令身體脫水
  • 保持水分充足,每飲一杯酒要飲一杯水補充水份
  • 隔五分鐘才飲下一杯,讓身體感受還能否承受更多的酒精
  • 盡情跳舞讓身體的酒精揮發

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