bridal shower// 婚前派對


Having been a bridesmaid for more than 7 times, I’ve had my fair share of bridal showers from art jamming workshop, lap dancing class, LKF clubbing night to hiring male stripper dancing in our hotel room, but this is definitely the most girlie and romantic one of all.

My dear friend Carlie, an interior designer and decorator is a really stylish girl. Her wedding took place in July, so we had a bridal shower 2 weeks before her big day (check out this genius bridal shower checklist on Martha Stewart Weddings if you are also preparing for one soon)

The shower took place in Kozi Florist ,a small studio in an industrial building in Tsuen wan (see intro by 48 hours here). Kozi normally only do floral workshops, for this special occasion, hostess Olivia was very nice to also let us host an afternoon tea. For the DIY tea party, I brought my three-tier Zara home floral cake stand from home, and we prepared fruit tarts, Laduree macaroons, kisses cupcake and Fortnum and Mason rose tea. We also bought her this cake stand from Indigo Living as a gift. Afterwards, we had a workshop on how to design and make our own bouquet for the wedding day. It was a great opportunity for all the bridesmaid to bond and also a super fun learning experience!

For an alternative option, take a look my friend’s start up business Wishes Flower who also does wedding floral arrangements.
上月我去了閨蜜Carlie 的婚前派對。 當過7次姊妹,由蘭桂坊之夜,鋼管舞班, 脫衣舞男派對我都一一試過,但這肯定是最浪漫的和女生情調的一次。
Carlie是個有很要求的室內設計師,所以我們的主題定了為優雅的下午茶和DIY花球班。派對舉行在位於荃灣工廠大厦的果子工房。英式下午茶一向都很受香港OL歡迎,但其實要自己準備真很簡單! 我在家中拿了Zara Home 買的3層蛋糕架, 姊妹們準備了 Laduree 的馬卡龍,Kisses 蛋糕和 鮮果撻, 配上 Fortnum and Mason 的玫瑰茶 (這間我超愛的英國老字號百貨公司有一系列的茶包和果醬在連卡佛有售),另外我們也買了這份禮物送給Carlie。下午茶後就是做花球的時間 ,導師Olivia 超有心機的教導我們處理假花所需的技巧。我們每個姊妹都可以各自設計花球在婚禮當日使用,這次真的是一個很有意義的婚前派對 ! 如果你也需要為好姊妹計劃一個婚前派對 ,可以參考此準備清單

順帶一提,除了果子工房,也可以參考我朋友搞的小生意Wishes Flower , 提供結婚花球。










Speaking of wedding preparations, I’ve asked Carlie for her permission to share some of her pre-wedding photos which she looks so gorgeous! Stay turned for more wedding photos on her big day in my next blog post!

提起婚前準備,Carlie 的婚紗照好美 ! 所以我問准她在此分享幾張她的pre-wedding照。留意下星期的blog post ,我會分享更多婚禮當日的點滴!





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