Begin your day with a 5 star breakfast // 在家嘆一個五星早餐

Paris 2015 633

I love breakfast, I believe a good breakfast makes a great beginning of the day. In my last trip to Paris, I had a luxurious breakfast at the legendary Hotel Plaza Athénée and it inspires me to try and create this classic French breakfast at home.

Unlike English breakfast which is popular in Hong Kong, breakfast in France is usually a light affair. The typical French breakfast choices are croissants, pain au chocolat,  baguette with butter or jam , accompanied with a fresh fruit or yogurt and coffee.

First you need good pastry, I love the croissants at Urban Bakery Works, they are simply the best in Hong Kong! I also enjoy freshly baked home made bread made with our bread maker, in stead of fruit jam, I like it with the tomato & truffle sauce my friend brought me from Italy.  As for the coffee, I use illy coffee at home and I only grain the beans before I brew the coffee to get the freshest taste. Complete the breakfast with a fresh fruit plate and a glass of grapefruit juice.

To create a stylish breakfast, classy dinnerware is essential. I bought my plates from francfranc , the table cloth and bread basket from Zara home. You can also find stylish tableware from page one lifestyle store in Harbour city and marimekko. Lastly, a touch of fresh flower always brights up the room and lights up the day.

Of course, the true luxury a hotel offers is the privacy of enjoying my breakfast without my two greedy cats jumping on my table and sharing my food!

作為一個為食鬼,早餐是我重要的一餐, 特別是週末有空的時候,我可以花上整個小時,邊做邊食 homemade pancake。 前陣子去巴黎慶生的時候,就特意去了巴黎最著名的Hotel Plaza Athénée 嘆一個五星級的早餐。 78歐的法式早餐肯定是我一生人食過最昂貴的早餐! 比起香港流行的英式all day breakfast ,典型的法式早餐通常是棒包,牛角包或朱古力包,即磨咖啡和鮮果汁。 正式來說,去Plaza Athénée 其實也就是食環境和情調,所以啟發我想在家中也來一個五星級的早餐。

你所需要的包括新鮮牛角包,我推薦Urban Bakery Works ,除了中環店,在銅鑼灣和旺角Jason Place 也有售。 有時間的話,早一晚開動家中的麵包機,第二朝一起身就可享用香噴噴的白麵包! 配果醬以外,我超愛 Jane 在意大利買回來的黑松露醬。最後,自製一碟鮮果拼盤加即磨咖啡和鮮果汁就大工告成!

別忘了精緻餐具發揮的作用,海港城page one 家品部,francfranc, Zara Home 和 Marimekko 都有一系列精美的餐具。






DSC01444 - 複製






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