Growing up in a family who loves to travel, I started traveling since I was two and had grown a passion for exploring new places and learning about different culture. When I was 21 I moved to Paris for a year and I fell in love with fashion right away, so I worked as a fashion buyer the following years. After a while I quit to travel for 6 months and I realize I wanted to do something that allows me to meet people and see new things every day, therefore I jumped into the world of lifestyle magazine and never looked back. My job granted me access to all the hottest happenings in the city, and inspired me to share my own take on living fully in a personal platform. Nobel Living aims to inspire a healthy and balanced lifestyle, DIY ideas and green living in the city.

生長在一個熱愛旅遊的家庭,由2歲第一次出門,很幸運的,我在25歲以前已遊遍中國、東南亞 、馬爾代夫、歐洲、澳紐、北美、墨西哥各國。大學時我選擇在巴黎留學一年,自此愛上時裝 ,所以在畢業後就當上了時裝買手。後來我辭職去旅行半年,旅遊令我感受到接觸人的工作比接觸名牌的工作來得更有義意,所以毅然轉行從事休閒雜誌。我的工作令我每天都接觸不同的人和事,也啟發我建立個人平台去分享旅遊經驗、優質生活和正能量。

Paris 2015 698

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